Yamaha and Star Motorcycle Trainers

Yamaha is hitting the streets this summer 2015 and looking to introduce all kinds of new riders to their Yamaha and Star motorcycles. How do you let someone who has never ridden a motorcycle ride a motorcycle? We put together a system of adjustable wheel chocks and high speed rollers to design this trainer that will fit just about any motorcycle Yamaha makes. It allows any event goer the chance to walk up and Rev! that bike through the gears for the very first time! From Races to Rock Concerts they will be out in full force giving everyone a chance and getting some new faces to head into their local Motorcycle Safety schools and Yamaha and Star dealers!

Project Highlights

  • Adjusts to fit any motorcycle
  • Easy 1 person setup
  • Simple and robust design to survive years of life on the road
  • Custom built to fit in existing mobile display with very tight weight and size restraints



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