Flo's Chop Shop (mini)

Ural on Galveston Beach

Progressive Insurance sends a really successful mobile barbershop, Flo's Chop Shop around the country to share the customer service they are so proud of with the motorcycle community. They wanted to be able to sneak this awesome activation into smaller events like bike nights and the like. Enter Flo's Chop Shop (mini). Based on a already badass Ural 2 wheel drive motorcycle, we added the ability to take a barber shop almost anywhere. In less than a few minutes and without any special tools, this offroad machine trasforms into a one-chair barber shop. 

Matt and Heidi on the Road with Flo's Chop Shop

 Matt Mondek Haircut in Nineyards Barber Chair Ural

Mikey Bellamy of the Chop Shop Barber Shop Asheville in the Nineyards Progressive Ural Barber Chair

Progressive Ural in Motovicious

Ural With Barber Chair Extended

Matt Mondek and Heidi Herrington in the Progressive Insurance Flo's Chop Shop

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