Chevy Tension Towers

When asked to create a 15 foot high fabric wrapped tower for Chevy to use at their displays throughout the country that is exactly what we did. Our tension towers stand out in a crowd and can be seen over most race haulers. They set up easily with two people and a ladder with no other special equipment. Our tension strap system uses just a few ratchet straps to replace what would otherwise have been many easy to lose pins and bolts. Under the fabric is room for a 55 gallon water barrel and holes that can be staked through to help handle windy weather. The towers tear down as easily as they set up and break down into flat peices for easy transport and storage. 

Project Highlights

-Can be seen over the top of typical race haulers

-Easy 2 person setup with nothing more than a ladder

-Tension Strap System eliminates many small, easy to lose parts

-Packs flat for easy transport and storage




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